Things Every Man Should Know Before Getting a Bikini Wax

Getting rid of unnecessary hair for women and men has become a trend. In the case of males, their desire to have a smoother and clean-looking skin is backed-up by the belief that hair removal can make them look sexier. Athletics is also one reason why men rush into salons and spas, including Drakes of London to get hair removing services. Most popular hair removing service is made though wax. Aside from waxing, methods such as shaving and manual picking can also be done to get rid of unnecessary hair. These are things you may or may not know. However, through this article, we will discuss everything a man should know before he decides to get bikini waxed.


Red and White Spots after attempted waxing

Men with coarse and deep-rooted hair plus sensitive skin are likely to have red and white spots after waxing. This break out happens around the first couple of times they wax but stops when the person’s skin gets used to regular exfoliation and frequent hair removal. Nonetheless, there are also precautions to make in order to avoid this breakout. After waxing, it is advised to treat the skin with antibacterial and sterile products. Right after that, it is recommended to apply an additional solution to soothe irritation and to further avert these little breakouts from occurring.

Getting a “Hard” Time

Men tend to have erections during waxing. No need to be paranoid and all. It is purely normal. This happens because the nerves, which controls such occurrence was disturbed during waxing.

What is Bikini waxing?

There are different reasons why men decide to get rid of some hair in the private area. There are some whose partners prefer it, some men just like to wax in order to feel clean, and there are those athletic men who need those areas waxed and hair-free for sanitation and protection reasons. It is not easy to have Bikini waxing. This area is a lot more sensitive than other parts of the body that typically receives waxing but though enough knowledge and proper technique, the pain can be minimized

3 things to know before getting waxed

  1. Do not shave.Longer hair is much easier to remove, meaning, it is less paunful.
  2. Have a very casual environment with the waxer attending to your need. This will remove some tension and awkwardness must be avoided during this situation.
  3. Erection is normal especially for the first-time clients. Almost all of them never come back for a second session. This happens because some think they did something wrong and the waxer might get affected by such event. However, each waxer is professional. This is purely normal and it is part of his/her job description.

Maintenance and care after getting waxed

  • Avoid sex. Not until at least two days after waxing, the skin gets very irritable especially after its first involvement with depilation, and a first-degree friction burn is sure to worsen its delicate state.
  • Have cold showers. Hot water will irritate your hyper-sensitive skin.
  • Buy post waxing products. Your waxer will give you instructions for post-wax care and recommend some products that will aid you in this.
  • Grow the hair back for 4-6 weeks before the next visit. Hair needs to fill back in before a second session, for the skin to recover and to make sure that all the hair will be removed precisely the next treatment.

There you go! After knowing all of these, you are now ready to get waxed.

Three Top Tips for Beach Body Grooming

First and foremost never, ever, EVER wax your chest hair. There are many things associated with waxing your chest but the main one is an air of desperation. Remember that you are male primate and, like every male primate, you have fur. Live with it.

Sometimes though less can be more and your beach body hair is one case. Here are three top tips for beach body grooming without having to look like you never hit puberty.

Don’t Give in To Jealousy
Back hair is perhaps the worst kind of hair to deal with. It makes you look older and means the girls pay less attention to you. This might make you want to get rid of it. If you do something with the back hair you should tidy up your chest hair a bit too. Also get rid of the back hair if you have a naturally bare chest but a hairy back.

Your best bet is to go with a professional. You can try and trim your own back but it’s not the easiest thing in the world. You can buy a man body groomer that extends and lets you reach those hard to reach plceas but, really, it’s best to use a spa. Don’t forget to have your chest hair treated too. Waxing and Intense Pulsed Light treatment are the best choices. Neither are pain-free but they are better than shaving.

How Much are You Removing?
Remember that it’s your hair so if you want to get rid of it all then that’s your prerogative. In general though you should stop where your bathing suit starts. Cut off anything that’s poking out of your trunks.

It’s a little more difficult if you’re wearing speedos. It causes a lot more hair to pop out of where you don’t want it to. There are a few choices open to the speedo wearers. The most popular option is getting the full Brazilian done, although you can also have just a boxers wax that removes the hair between your navel as far as the length of your thumb.

What About Everything Else?
You should treat shaving your legs the same as waxing the chest. Don’t do it unless you’re an athlete who needs to. Men have hair. They’ve had hair for centuries and they’ll have it for centuries from now. Of course you can trim your leg hair if you have too much of it. You can trim it. Just don’t shave it.

You should also take this philosophy to the hair under your armpits. Women don’t hate hairy armpits as much as you’d think. Of course too much hair means too much sweat and leaves you smelling bad. So trim them down to about half an inch. You can use a trimmer or scissors for this. Don’t forget to use scissors designed for body hair. Taking kitchen scissors to your armpits is not a good idea.

Another important area is the nape of your neck. While you might not be able to see the hair if you go shirtless, see how things look if you’re wearing a shirt. If some hair is popping out then you need to get a trim. The same applies to chest hair. If it can be seen over your collar then you should trim it.

But don’t shave it.


Finally comes the most awkward bit of body hair; your backside. Many men have hair there and, while there’s no real reason to keep it, it’s hard to get rid of it. Really your only option is to go to the salon. You’ll be safe there though. The women at the salon do it every day so they know what they’re doing.

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